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Leelanau County MARSP

An important function of MARSP is to monitor legislation affecting retiree benefits.

Members can help by contacting their legislators - - The effectiveness of contacting politicians to impact issues revealed that in-person visits were the best form of contact at 46%; postal letters - 20%; individual email - 19%; phone calls - 14%. A phone call, letter or email does have an impact especially when important legislation is being considered. The more members that contact their legislators, the more likely that there will be an impact on legislation.

The MARSP website lists legislation currently being monitored with links to additional detailed information.

There's Strength in Numbers!!         Let your legislators know your stand on current legislative issues effecting your retirement and benefits!! 

Find your legislators at:

* * * * * * * * * * * * 


The MARSP Voluntary Benefit Defense Fund (VBDF):

           - provides funds needed to educate legislators on our pension and health care benefits

           - to campaign for the defeat of legislation that would adversely affect public school retirees

           - purchase software needed to provide an effective grassroots network and other activities necessary to protect school retiree benefits

In accordance with MARSP’s non-partisan approach to advocacy, the VBDF does not make contributions to political parties, PAC’s or political candidates. VBDF receives monies from individual members and chapters. Members wishing to make a contribution to the VBDF may visit the MARSP website to obtain a contribution form.